How To Refill Ricoh Staple Cartridge – 4 Easy Steps

How To Refill Ricoh Staple Cartridge – 4 Easy Steps

Refilling Ricoh Type G Staple Cartridge, Ricoh Black Drum cartridge, Ricoh Cyan Toner cartridge or any other branded toner cartridge is something that is not everyone’s cup of tea. You have ordered desired toner cartridges from a well-established, reputable online store like, but you’ll have to refill them by yourself.

Relax; refilling toner cartridges is not a rocket science. It’s just that we lack the zeal to learn and do it by ourselves. It’s true that replacing a toner cartridge can be expensive, so you may want to refill your Ricoh toner cartridge yourself to save some bucks and time.

So, are you ready to learn how to refill your toner cartridge in a few easy steps?

Read on to know more about it.

Step 1.
Before you go about refilling your Ricoh staple cartridge or any other brand cartridge, you should know the type of toner you need. Buying the wrong toner can turn out to be a costly mistake; it can make your printer dysfunctional.

So, when placing an online order of a toner refill kit from , you should make sure that you order exactly the same model number or type of cartridge. Each toner cartridge is built and made to function with a specific weight, grain size, and chemical type of toner.

Step 2
Once you receive your Ricoh staple cartridge, you should clean the printer machine before you install the toner in its place. See to it that any rollers where the toner cartridge goes are free from any residue from the previous toner. Clean toner deliver excellent performance, so keep them clean to get the best performance out of your machine and less issues with the toner.

Step 3.
Take your kit and transfer that "ink" into your empty toner cartridge, which is also referred to as a hopper. Reseal the hole with the supplies and shake it a little before placing the cartridge back into the printer. Refill kits for Ricoh staple cartridges come with specific aluminum tape which is used to apply the tape over the hole.

Step 4.
Do you know that one Ricoh staple cartridge or Ricoh Black Drum cartridge should only be reused up to two or three times? After that, you would need to purchase a brand new genuine Ricoh toner piece. It is also important to note that brand new, original toner cartridges are equipped with 'smart chips', which have to be replaced in order for the cartridge to perform beyond its 'expected' lifespan. 

Sep 6th 2021

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