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Do you have a Brother printer, or want to have one? If you already have this printer, then you might be familiar with its scanning feature. However, if you are not, then still there is no need to worry, because this post will tell you about the working of scanning features in different Brother printers.

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How do I scan something from my Brother printer to my computer?

The scanning to file feature allows you to scan a document and automatically store it in PDF format at a particular location on your computer. Utilize the Scan to File functionality while following the steps below.

The Scan to File capability needs to be configured as the first step.

There are two phases, each of which has two distinct Windows and Macintosh instructions. View the instructions that came with your computer before moving on to step 3.

  • Go to the Downloads section if the Control Center is not already installed on your PC.
  • The full driver and software package is available for Windows users to download and install.
  • Scanner drivers for Macintosh computers can be downloaded and installed.

Users of Windows:

  • Open the command center.
  • On the Main screen, click the Down Arrow. Next, select All programs from the menu by pressing the right mouse button in a spot where the Down Arrow is not now visible on the Start screen.
  • (Leave) (All applications =>) clicks Brother (Windows 10)
  • Click Brother Utilities.
  • Choose the name of your type from the pull-down menu.
  • The Control Center button.
  • Dual on the Control Center icon in the Task Tray to launch the program window.

Users of Mac computers:

  • Launch the command center.
  • Click the Control Center icon in the Task Tray to open the application window.
  • Select Settings, SCAN, and then File.
  • It will display the File Scan window.
  • The Scan to File button is set up in the Control Center software interface's Software Button tab. The Device button on the system is used to configure the Scan key. Choose the tab you want to configure.

Utilize the Control Center's Scan to File tool in step two.

  • Set up your scanner's flatbed glass or automatic document feeder with the paper you're scanning (ADF).
  • Follow Step 1's instructions to launch the Control Center.
  • The Control Center icon in the Task Tray can be double-clicked to launch program windows.
  • In the SCAN menu, click the File option.
  • The Control Center Scan to File settings window on the Software button tab will now scan the document and save it in the chosen PDF configuration.

Use the Brother printer's Scan key to use the Scan to File feature in step 3

  • On a Task Tray next to the computer's clock, open the Control Center and load it.
  • A document should be placed on the glass scanner (Flatbed) or automatic document feeder (ADF) type of your Brother scanner to be scanned.
  • Please use the Brother scanner's Scan to PC -> File or Scan to File options.
  • Tap “OK.”
  • Start, Black or Color will initiate the scanning (Color). Following the Control Center Scan to file, the document will now be reviewed and saved in the designated location in PDF format.
  • You configured the Device Button tab's configuration window's options.

Once you have completed the aforementioned procedures, you may easily learn the standard and efficient methods for scanning a document from a Brother printer to a computer. All you have to do is adhere to the instructions provided above if you are unable to figure out how to scan on a Brother printer.

Why To Choose Brother Printers?

Although there are a plethora of reasons to go with Brother printers, some of the main factors which say that this printer is very beneficial are written below.

High Quality Printing

Firstly, the main advantage of picking a Brother printer is that it provides the best quality printing. It can be clearly visible and there is no dampness of the ink on the paper.

Color Quality

When you go for Brother printer color, the quality it appears from the printer is very clear. You can also get high quality photo prints too. It is up to you which type of printer you prefer for your use.

Brother printer all-in-one

If you want to perform several tasks from one printer, then you can go with all-in-one printers. From those printers, you can scan documents, printer pages, and print photos from this single printer.

Summing Up

In the end, if you want to buy a Brother printer, then would be the best platform for you. They not only deal in different types of printers of different brands, but also sell toners and other parts of the printers.

Furthermore, they offer 1 year warranty on printers. Order your printer now to get it within two working days. 

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Aug 10th 2022 Rebecca Felton

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