Ricoh Fax 1900L

Exceptional Efficiency
Whether you are faxing, copying or printing, the Ricoh FAX 1900L offers the convenient, time-saving features you need to complete your document tasks quickly and move on to more critical activities.
• Quickly distribute documents anywhere in the world with a 33.6 Kbps Super G3 Modem, featuring a 3.0 seconds-per-page transmission speed that helps minimize long-distance costs.
• Ensure flawless, unattended transmission of contracts, proposals and other large, multi-page documents with the 50-sheet Automatic Document Feeder, which achieves scan rates as fast as 2.8 seconds-per-page.
• With standard 8 MB fax memory (640 pages) and a 12-hour battery backup, mission-critical documents are stored if paper trays are empty or a power loss occurs.
• Memory Transmission enables users to scan fax documents, walk away with the originals, and allow the Ricoh FAX 1900L to take over. It waits for the line to be free if the fax was already in use, or redials if the receiver was busy — all without user intervention.
• Speed transmission even more with Parallel Memory Transmission, which dials and starts sending your fax as soon as you scan the first page.

Our Supplies For Ricoh FAX 1900L
To make your printing pages more captivating, what will you prefer? Decorations and all? Well, moreover, a dark and unique color print will take the eyes of every viewer. Therefore, to help you in this, you can go with the Ricoh FAX 1900L OEM Toners that can yield darker pages with the coverage of 5%. So yeah, let’s make the pages as well as your printer smoother by using the product. Purchase at reasonable rates with

Ricoh Fax 1900L
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