Ricoh SP C820DNT2

More Media Choices

Outstanding media flexibility enables you to keep a wider variety of jobs in-house and express your creativity without limits.

• Print postcards, direct mail and other documents on heavy stock. All paper trays accept weights up to 140 lb. Index in simplex mode and 90 lb. Index in duplex mode.

• Print packaging comps and proof sheets up to 11" x 17". For full-bleed 11" x 17" proofs, use the Bypass Tray, which prints sizes up to 12" x 18".

• Energize event promotions with full-color banners. The Ricoh SP C820DNT2 Series can print banners 12" wide and up to 49.6" long. 

• Reduce the risk of errors and reprints with a convenient driver that lets users select the correct paper weight for any job.

Our Supplies For Ricoh SP C820DNT

Simply imagine a scenario where you get irritated because of bad printing output with some cheaper toner? What if you start using Ricoh SP C820DNT2 supplies for your printer? Yes, it can provide neat and more dark prints on the paper along with the premium quality. Yes, you can proceed with the Ricoh SP C820DNT2 toner for relevant, reliable and efficient print. Set the toner on the order today with

Ricoh SP C820DNT2
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